Letters Home

Cadillac Mountain

Sun's coming up over Cadillac Mountain/ It's another night that I got no sleep/ The very first ray hit me right between the eyes/ It gave me the feeling I had somewhere else to be.
I got your last letter just before I left home/ About all those crazy things that you did/ But I wish you hadn't mentioned that girl from Georgia
Who kept telling you how much you look like Billy the Kid.
'Cause I've been feeling like nobody's true anymore/ And I'd hate to have those suspicions confirmed./ There's not much left that I believe in,
And even those things are right on the verge.
But I'm nothing else if I'm not honest/ And when you left town, things started changing soon./ Since the last time I saw you, I've learned how it feels/ To be the only unarmed person in a room.

Sun's coming up over Cadillac Mountain/ But it's still dark everywhere else/ And I used to be a lot easier to live with/ Before I realized just how bad I felt.
My bed is at home and that's where I'm going/ I just wish someone were waiting in it for me,/ Someone whose heart would sink in their chest/ If I didn't make it back to them safely.
We went forty-nine days without any rain/ The grass is brown and it's long gone to seed./ I've been without your love for so long now/ And the time's been growing up around me like a weed.
I don't see much difference in the air up on the mountain./ It's a little bit thinner, a little bit harder to breathe./ And something about the view made me think of you,/ And now I think it's time for me to leave.

Sun's coming up over Cadillac Mountain./ This will be my last letter for a while./ It's getting harder to keep repeating this story./ It's starting to feel like I'm always up on trial
I heard what happened from one of our old friends./ I guess that horse really took you for a ride./ Seems that business is taking its toll on you./ You know who to call when you finally change your mind
But I understand why you haven't so far./ The whole point is to hang on for your own dear life./ I think maybe it's like climbing up on this mountain,/ And just laughing at the urge to jump off of its side
But when it comes to you and me, it's a different story./ You hold the trigger, baby, I'm under the gun./ But I'm not your rider and there's just no glory,/ When you can hide but you just can't run,/ You can hide but you can't run.


[lyrics © 2003 Abby Lane]

Reach for the Water. 2004.

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