Letters Home

A Hundred Miles or So

A fog hangs low in the dips of the land-
These are the softest fingers of nature's wrath.
But I made someone an unspoken promise,
and it's sending me back out onto the path.

I could've stayed here, honey, and no one would ever know-
Just chalk it up to that lusty dusty road-
Sometimes I'm feeling like my heart might just explode-
when I've got a hundred miles or so I've got to go
just a hundred miles or so I've got to go

My coat's been dried and I've got a little money.
You're kind to ask, but I'll be fine.
You know I don't even give a damn about your intentions-
It's not my problem once I leave this room behind


But leaving's easier said than done.
Sometimes I wonder how you even do it.
Got warm arms on my right & the door is right behind them,
And man, all I've got to do is walk through it.



[lyrics © 2003 Abby Lane]

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