Letters Home

Lost Country

Remember crunching gravel as it was covered with snow,
along those red clay roads where no one ever drove.
Out to the lost country, the land where i found you,
where we found ourselves together, seeking something new

out in the lost country,
the land where I found you

We rode past the old post office, and past the county jail,
but there were no cops to stop us, there weren't any cabs to hail-
There was just a clearing in the trees where we'd pull off in the grass,
and i'd hold my arms around you as the evening so slowly passed.

out in the lost country,
the land where I found you

Out in that lost country, the rain was soft and warm,
until the seasons stiffened and they abandoned all the farms-
And then the roads all were empty, and the people there were few-
just runaways and lovers, and then we lost it, too.

we lost it, too


[lyrics © 2003 Abby Lane]


Reach for the Water. 2004.

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