Letters Home

Trailer Behind the Castle

Went to the courthouse on Hanover Street,
deep inside the city of lies.
The judge was blind and always drunk
and handing out opinions left and right.

But there's a trailer behind the castle,
and that's where all the real action is-
you'll find what you think you want in there,
and another man who claims it's his.

I heard you've been drinking yourself away again,
and everybody's taking turns with a call,
but when my time came, I didn't know what to say-
I guess not much has changed after all
not much has changed after all...

I should have run first but you beat me to it,
and I lived a whole year in the shock,
but when I came to, you were crying, too,
like you'd finally heard the footman's knock-

like you'd finally looked into the mirror,
and then you couldn't look away,
like you could see into it all the way back,
well, honey, you know what they say...

and I heard you've been going too far again...

Tell me, what do you see when you look through
a rolled-up five dollar bill?
Is it just the same old world, only more narrow,
a hole you can never fill?

But now you've gone and forced an issue
that was never meant to be,
and now you're going tohave to watch it all collapse and die
into its own inevitability...

and I heard you're maybe trying to quit again...

and there's a trailer behind the castle,
and if I were you, I'd stay away from both.


[lyrics © 2003 Abby Lane]

Reach for the Water. 2004.

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